Current Projects

Visual impairment is a significant public health problem worldwide as it leads to increase in the number of people with disability.

Development Projects

Under the community development programme, we have been configuring welfare activities for the elation of the marginalized especially..

Samaritan Hospital

Samaritan Hospital, the Medical Division of Samaritan Social Service Society provides preventive, curative, promotive health care services

Netra Deepti

Samaritan Netra Deepti is a comprehensive Eye Care Department of Samaritan Hospital. It is committed to the goal of elimination of needless


Upliftment of the people


To form a JUST SOCIETY rooted in gospel values where love, equality and peace are nurtured


To restore the Human Dignity of the oppressed and the marginalized through the process of empowerment


amaritan Social Service Society envisions the Education, Health, Self-reliance and empowerment of those who are marginalized in the society.

Welcome To Samaritans

Samaritan Social Service Society (Diocesan Social Service Department) is a non-profitable and charitable organization working with the poor and the underprivileged people such as tribes, scheduled cast, widows, street and orphan children, disabled etc. in the most interior villages under the Diocese of Satna, Madhya Pradesh, India.


"You can be sure that whoever gives evev a drink of cold water to one of the latest of these
my followers because he is my follower,will certainly receive a reward"
Matthew 10:42

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